Press Releases

February 14, 2020

(Sacramento, CA) – Today, Senator Thomas J. Umberg (D-Santa Ana) introduced Senate Bill 1025, the California Student Success Act, to automatically grant library cards to all K-12 students.  While similar efforts have been introduced in a few localities across the United States, SB 1025 is the first effort to take this initiative statewide.

February 13, 2020

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Senator Thomas J. Umberg (D-Santa Ana) introduced Senate Bill 999 today, a measure that would restore local control and stem the tide of rapidly increasing rental rates for mobilehomes across California. The County of Los Angeles and Golden State Manufactured Home Owners League are cosponsors of the bill, representing a strong coalition between local government and residents.

February 12, 2020

(Sacramento, CA) – Senator Thomas J. Umberg (D-Santa Ana) announced today his introduction of legislation that would assure consumers that Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) genetic testing companies will use their genetic data solely for the purposes they consented to.

November 20, 2019

ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Senator Tom Umberg (D – Orange County), Chairman of the State Senate Select Committee on the Growing Impact of Artificial Intelligence in California, will convene a hearing on November 20, 2019 on “The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Law Enforcement Context.” The hearing will conduct a broad overview on the state of artificial intelligence, including policy implications and effects on law enforcement.

November 6, 2019

ORANGE COUNTY — Today, during National Veterans and Military Families Month, Senator Thomas J. Umberg, sent a letter to University of California, Berkeley Professor of Law John Yoo, requesting that the professor retract and apologize for defamatory comments made regarding U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Alex Vindman mad last week.

October 25, 2019

WESTMINSTER, CA – On Saturday, October 26, a memorial service will be held in the City of Westminster’s Freedom Park to honor the 81 unknown airborne soldiers of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) that were shot down in a United States military aircraft during the Vietnam War. There will be a full military ceremony honoring their service in Westminster, often known as Little Saigon, where the remains of the soldiers will be interred. Senator Thomas J. Umberg (D – Orange County) will honor the brave soldiers with a legislative resolution, to be presented during the memorial service, which recognizes the ultimate sacrifices made by the South Vietnamese soldiers as they fought side-by-side with the United States Military 54 years ago in support of democracy.

In late 1965, an American C-123 aircraft was shot down, killing all four American crew members and 81 South Vietnamese Airborne soldiers. The crash site was located in a contested area and was not visited until 1974. Because there was no flight manifest for the combat mission, the names of those soldiers were lost. The American crew members were later identified through DNA testing and were given a proper interment, though the 81 Vietnamese are as yet identified only as members of an elite airborne battalion of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. The Hanoi government has declined to accept them for a proper burial in Vietnam. Since they were not American citizens or soldiers, they were not buried and properly honored in the United States. 

“These soldiers that fought as a band of brothers with American armed forces may be unknown by name, but they will never be forgotten for their efforts. They will be remembered with honor and dignity by all for giving their lives, and fighting bravely in the name of freedom,” said Senator Umberg. “At this solemn ceremony and onward, all Americans shall hold in high esteem the lives of those who stood beside us during incredibly difficult times, and never turn a blind eye to true heroes like these 81 Vietnamese soldiers.”

October 3, 2019

Senate Bill 390 (SB 390), authored by Senator Thomas J. Umberg (D-Santa Ana), was signed into law this week by Governor Gavin Newsom. Currently, school security officials who work less than 20 hours per week are not required to complete training that details areas such as laws and liability, role and responsibilities, school security awareness, conflict resolution, or the dynamics of student behavior. SB 390 would require that all part time school security officers complete training created by the state on fundamental aspects of their jobs.

September 30, 2019

SANTA ANA – Senator Tom Umberg (D – Orange County), the California Contractors State License Board, and the Delhi Center are hosting a FREE Senior Scam StopperSM seminar.  A panel of experts from various agencies will provide information to seniors about the scams that target the senior community, and how they can protect themselves from becoming victims.  Attendees will get questions answered and obtain assistance if they have been scammed.

SB 72 will ensure that all voters who wish to are able to register and cast a vote on Election Day

September 10, 2019

Today, the California Assembly approved SB 72, legislation by State Senator Thomas J. Umberg (D-Santa Ana) that will allow all eligible Californians to register to vote and cast a ballot at polling sites on Election Day. If SB 72 becomes law, California will join 11 other states, as well as the District of Columbia, in making Election Day registration available at all polling places.

September 9, 2019

Senate Bill 400 (SB 400), authored by Senator Thomas J. Umberg (D-Santa Ana) expanding the state’s incentives for turning in old, polluting cars to include vouchers for bikeshare and e-bikes was signed into law today by Governor Gavin Newsom. SB 400, adds bikeshare and e-bikes as mobility options in the Clean Cars 4 All Program, which will provide a strong incentive for Californians to switch from car to bike travel.