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In 2023, a gas outage in the City of Orange left nearly 600 residents without natural gas for a period of four months. The situation was not just dire, it was a health crisis. The inability to prepare hot meals and bathe properly led to severe health issues. The affected residents had to urgently rely on alternative means to keep themselves warm and cook meals. Some resorted to using electric stovetops or microwaves, while others had to depend on community kitchens. The severity of the situation was underscored by its coverage in several news outlets, which highlighted the conditions of the affected residents and emphasized the urgent need for change.


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As California works to meet the demands of the housing crisis, ensuring the public health and safety of residents must be paramount. Homeowners should not be subject to delayed repairs of critical services or displaced for extended periods of time with no options.

SB 900: Common Interest Developments

In response to the La Veta Monterey crisis, I introduced Senate Bill 900 to protect homeowners during utility service interruptions. SB 900 stipulates that an HOA must take action on utility interruptions that impact residential units within 10 days of a disruption.  Board members of associations would also be able to vote electronically to more expediently initiate repairs, and SB 900 allows property management companies to seek loans to assist with speedy repairs under specified conditions.

If you are interested in learning more about this bill and following its path through the legislature, see below:

Bill Text - SB-900

SB 900 Fact Sheet


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