Senator Umberg Active Legislation for 2020


SB 423

  • Guarantees safe in person polling places for the 2020 General Election.

SB 444

  • Creates a research program between UCI and UC Berkeley Law Schools along with their respective County Superior Courts which will develop and implement the use of Artificial Intelligence to create greater efficiencies for Self Representing Litigants.

SB 665

  • Allows Mental Health Services Programs dollars to be spent within County Jails in order to provide treatment and programs for incarcerated individuals.

SB 970

  • Due to Covid-19 delays in the 2020 Census – SB 970 will move the March 2022 Primary election back to the traditional date of June in order to provide the necessary amount of time for the redistricting process.

SB 980

  • Creates privacy guidelines for consumers who use home DNA testing kits as well as illness testing.

SB 999

  • Eliminates a State exemption which prevented local governments from including many mobile home communities from accessing local rent control ordinances.

SB 1105

  • Sponsored by the California Judges Association, SB 1105 makes changes to court procedures which will shorten the time that parties must wait for final judgments.

SB 1146

  • Sponsored by the Consumer Attorneys of California, SB 1146 makes changes to court procedures to allow for the use of new technologies which will increase efficiencies during trial.

SB 1196

  • Cracks down on predatory price gouging tactics on products that consumers purchase during an emergency declaration.

SB 1220

  • Sponsored by the California District Attorneys Association, SB 1220 forces law enforcement to comply with mandatory Constitutional requirements of providing information of officers who may have a record of corruption or illegal acts.