Senator Umberg Active 2019 Bills


SB 17 – Judicial Discovery Sanctions

Reduces delays in court by allowing judges to impose a $1,000 sanction against lawyers for abusing the civil discovery process. This procedural change will create more efficient access to justice for all civil court litigants.

SB 72 – Same Day Voter Registration Expansion

Expands access to the ballot by requiring counties to provide conditional voter registration at all polling places. Counties may choose for themselves whether they want to go high tech with electronic poll books and ballot on demand printing systems, or low tech/low cost by simply providing paper provisional ballots. 

SB 151 – Voter Education Reform

This bill authorizes an officer in a voter-nominated office who is subject to a recall election to have the officer’s party preference identified on the ballot and also ensures voters receive their voter nonpartisan county voter information guide prior to receiving their vote-by-mail ballot.

SB 370 – Transparent Discovery

This bill would require all documents produced in response to a demand for inspection, copying, testing, or sampling to be identified with the documents' specific request number.

SB 390 – School Security Training

This bill requires all school security officers, regardless of the number of hours worked per week, to complete an annual school safety-training course.

SB 400 – Electric Bike Program

This bill expands the definition of ‘mobility options’ in the California’s Clean Cars 4 All Program to include access to vouchers for electric bicycles and bicycle sharing.

SB 439 – Wiretap Expansion and Police Accountability

This bill authorizes peace officers or federal law enforcement officers to disclose the contents of wire or electronic communication if they relate to some serious felonies or to a crime involving a peace officer disclosed in an administrative or disciplinary hearing.

SB 450 – Wiretap Expansion and Police Accountability

Addresses both the housing and homeless crisis by exempting from the California Environmental Quality Act projects related to the conversion of a motel into supportive or transitional housing that is linked to supportive services.

SB 481 – State Military Inspector General

This bill establishes the California Military Department Inspector General’s position as a principal advisor to the Adjutant General instead of as a subordinate, and revises the investigative process by requiring that the Inspector General conduct an interview with the individuals filing the complaint if they request it.

SB 505 – Presidential Candidate Requirements


This bill specifies the criteria that a “recognized candidate” must meet in order to appear on the California presidential primary ballot. This bill also extends the deadline by which the Secretary of State is required to announce and distribute the names of recognized candidates.

SB 544 – State Bar Applicant Privacy


This bill prohibits the staff of the State Bar or members of the examining committee, in reviewing whether an applicant is of good moral character, from reviewing the person’s medical records relating to mental health.

SB 576 – Coastal Erosion Data Collection

This bill requires California to develop and implement a coastal climate adaptation, infrastructure, and readiness program designed to improve the climate change resiliency of the state’s coastal communities, infrastructure, and habitat.

SB 665 – Mental Health Funds for County Jails

Would authorize a county to use Mental Health Service Act funds to provide services to persons who are incarcerated in a county jail or subject to mandatory supervision, except persons who are incarcerated in a county jail.

SB 696 – “Independent” Political Parties

Prevents misleading voter registration by prohibiting the name of a party from including the word ‘independent’, ‘decline to state’, or ‘no party preference’ or any variation of those words. Would also require the Secretary of State to provide notice to any qualified party whose name includes a variation of these words and to notify each voter registered to that party informing them of the change.

SB 736 - Creative Economies

Establishes the Creative Economy Task Force within the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) to study and submit a report to the Legislature regarding the creation of a state fund designated to assist local governments to compete with other states in the bidding processes for major events.